Consip announces the publication of the first "Consip Digital Auction", a new completely digital way of meeting demand (Public Authority needs) and supply (economic operators enabled for the Dynamic Purchasing System - Sdapa), aimed at drastically reducing times between offer and award, a fundamental theme to avoid the problem of technological obsolescence of the products offered on ICT domain and to stimulate the participation of SMEs as well.

The first Consip Digital Auction is aimed at the purchase of portable PCs for the smart working of the PA and is included in the Purchase Rationalization Program of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, alongside the other tools already operational (framework contracts, Framework Agreements, Mepa, Sdapa, Tenders as Asp) on which goods and services can now be ordered for about 15 billion euros.

The object of the first edition (periodic sessions on the various product sectors can be foreseen) is the supply of 2,773 portable PCs - including accessories, services and additional monitors - based on a requirement collected by Consip from 5 administrations (Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development, Sogei, Defense Staff), for a total auction base value of 2.3 million euros.

The initiative, divided into five lots, will remain open for 15 days, during which economic operators, qualified for the "ICT" call on the dynamic purchasing system (Sdapa), will be able to submit an offer for one or more lots.

The digital auction represents a particularly suitable tool for acquisitions with recurring and widespread needs among PAs, which favors streamlining of purchasing procedures, optimization of the match between supply and demand, speed in time-to-market, quality improvement service, widening the participation of enterprises, especially SMEs.

Digital auctions are among the measures provided for in full regime in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) as part of the Reform called "Recovery Procurement Platform" - Digitization and strengthening of the administrative capacity of contracting authorities.