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Research and Development

Public procurement is known to play a strategic and increasingly significant role, not only in improving the functioning of Public Administration, but also in improving government entities’ ability to pursue new policies in rationalising spending, growth, sustainability, and innovation.

Careful management of the entire procurement process – from identifying needs and designing calls for tenders to selecting the best offer, from monitoring the various phases of contract execution to evaluating the satisfaction of buyers and users – is absolutely indispensable in guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of how public resources are managed in the procurement of goods and services and execution of related projects.

The constant evolution of tools available, not only in terms of technology but also legislative and procedural tools, provides further drive for the innovation-seeking role played by Consip on behalf of the Public Administration as a whole. In order to stay on track with this challenge, the Research Unit was created in 2003 and aims at:

The Research Unit’s activities are coordinated by Gian Luigi Albano (Ph.D.).